Urban scenes on the Wirral (page 1)

James Edwards Garage in Boathouse Lane, Parkgate, 1955. Regent TT Petrol was 4/- a gallon (9p a litre in eurospeak!) Seacombe Ferry approach during the morning rush hour in the 1920s (maybe during the General Strike) Bebington Road, New Ferry, with O'Kells among the busy row of shops on the left, in 1952 Bebington Road, New Ferry, with the edge of Port Sunlight Village on the left, 1952 Buses lined up at Seaview Road Bus Depot, Wallasey, in 1951
O'Kells shop on Bebington Road, New Ferry, in 1952 O'Kells shop on Bebington Road, New Ferry, 1952 An couple watch the unusually high tide at Parkgate in the 1930s "Walker's Warrington Ales" lorry delivering beer to a pub in Parkgate in the 1940s while there was a very high tide "the Brown Cow" pub in Bebington selling Birkenhead Ales. The photo was taken when it was newly built in 1960

A view of Rocklands Avenue, Bebington, in the 1930s Caldy Village, West Kirby, in the 1940s Bromborough Cross in the 1930s, when there was still a cross on the monument Crowds of holidaymakers on Hoylake Promenade in the 1920s Mayer Library, Bebington Village, in the 1930s
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A block of flats newly built on King Street, Wallasey, in 1962. Now gone, they didn't even last 40 years! Liscard town centre with the roundabout and Burton's on the left, in 1948 Rake Lane, Liscard, with the National Provincial Bank, in 1962 The junction of Greasby Road and Frankby Road, in 1961