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Exercising the elephant outside Wilkie's Circus on the Prom beside the Floral Gardens in 1948 The Mayor of Wallasey and Tommy Mann with his family at the Funfair in 1948 The Circus entrance with crowds by the ticket office in 1950. "3000 seats 1/6 to 6/-" Tommy Mann's miniature train with Tommy and the Mayor in 1947. The re-opening after the War maybe? A Ballroom Dance Competition at the New Brighton Tower Ballroom in 1954
Coaches from all across the North parked behind the Tower Ballroom in 1948 The Floral Gardens, The Palace Arcade indoor fair and Fort Perch Rock in 1961 A Ballroom Dance Competition at the New Brighton Tower Ballroom in 1954 A Ballroom Dance Competition at the New Brighton Tower Ballroom in 1954 A line-up of regional Beauty Contest winners at New Brighton Tower's Beauty Contest in 1947

The Car park at the Baths in 1948 were packed with cars, coaches and "charas" - open-topped coaches. New Brighton beach and Pier with a ferry unloading more trippers in 1949 The Fairground from on top of the Tower Ballroom, with the Pier in the background, in 1948 Egremont promenade and beach taken from the old Egremont Ferry buildings in 1948 Children playing on Egremont Promenade, near the Mariners' Home, in 1948
The beach in 1947, packed with holidaymakers with the Pier in the background. What has happened to all that sand? Cars parked along Harrison Drive in 1948. No parking meters then! Families relaxing in Vale Park with the Bandstand in the background, 1948 Catching the last sun of the day on Moreton Shore in 1947 Tommy Mann's Miniature Railway beside the Tea Gardens at the Fairground in 1951
Modellers and spectators round the Model Boating Lake on King's Parade in 1961 The Miniature Railway with the Big Dipper in the background, 1951 New Brighton Tower with the early Fairground, as seen from the Pier in 1910 Ballroom Dancing Competitions were a regular feature in the Tower Ballroom, 1948
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Children trying out their new bike on a path in the Marine Park, 1949 The Tower Fairground at night from a high vantage point on the Tower in 1949 The Tower Fairground at night with lots of details of the rides and crowds in 1949 Tommy Mann's "Jungle Train" a short-lived ride which ran on the Miniature Railway in 1946