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Families relaxing by the lake in Birkenhead Park in 1950 Allansons, (which later became Beatties) on Grange Road in 1950, before the road was cut in half by the new market. Entrance to the Mersey Tunnel (as it was known before the other one was built), behind the original Market, in 1950 Hamilton Square in the early 1900s, with the newly-built Victoria Monument in the centre Central Hotel on Borough Road in the 1940s, and the Edward VII memorial clock before it was moved to make way for the flyover
The frontage of Alexandra Garage on Conway Street in 1960 Hamilton Square in 1959, from a high window above Williams & Glynns Bank on the corner of Argyle Street and Price Street Englands Shoe shop on Grange Road and the corner of Coburg Street in 1962, (where the Pyramids was built later) Boys messing about by the lake in Birkenhead Park in 1950. These lads are in their 70s now! An Air Raid shelter in the middle of Fairfield Road, Tranmere, in the early 1940s

Hamilton Square with the recently erected Victoria Monument in the early 1900s. The Wishing Tree is still missed by many! The side of Woodside Railway Station showing the covered Goods Entrance in the 1940s 'The British Queen' pub surrounded by demolished streets in Watson Street, 1960 Demolished Streets around Watson Street before Oak & Eldon Gardens were built. Birkenhead Boys Club can be seen in the distance, 1960 An Air Raid shelter in Fairfield Road, Tranmere, The interior showing the bunks in the early 1940s
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Interior of the old Birkenhead Market with "Nut Corner", in 1956 Birkenhead Park, showing the covered "Swiss Bridge" in 1950 Interior of the original Market on Market Street in 1950, 25 years before the "mysterious" fire Sweeping up beside the "Nut Corner" in Birkenhead Market, 1956