Goods vehicles (page 2)

Moving sugar with a small bulldozer in a ship's hold, Liverpool, 1952 Steam lorry passing Princes Dock, Liverpool in 1947 Vans exiting the the Mersey Tunnel on the Liverpool side Liverpool in 1956 Army vehicles beside a troop ship, Liverpool in 1948 Army vehicles beside a troop ship, Liverpool in 1948
Wilsons Flour fleet of lorries at their Dingle, Liverpool, Mills in 1965 Hauling large propellers through the Mersey Tunnel on a low-loader in 1946 Vehicles by the Ulster Ferry boat, Trafalgar Dock, in 1953 A lorry on the floating roadway, Liverpool, in 1923 Lorries on the Birkenhead Docks in the 1920s

Ex-War service scrap vehicles for sale at Williams Motors, Fazackerly, in 1948 A Guy Invincible oil tanker in 1963 Lorry on the Duke Street Bridge, Birkenhead, in the 1920s Knocking-off time at Pilkington's Glass, Saint Helens, in 1947 Vegetable deliveries at Allentoff's greengrocers St. James' Place, Liverpool, in 1952
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Steam Road Roller "Herbert Campbell" somewhere in Liverpool in the 1890s