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The well-used car park at New Brighton Baths in 1948. No fee to park - what an interesting idea! Parked cars at Harrison Drive, Wallasey, in 1948. Once again: no charge, how does that work? Grange Road, Birkenhead, when it was still a real street with traffic in 1950 Guildford High Street in the 1920s, when it was still a street, not a pedestrianised shopping Mall Seel Street car park on a bomb-site in Liverpool, still undeveloped nearly 15 years after the war in 1959
Waiting to be serviced at Meadows Garage, Prescott Road, Liverpool, in 1961 Bob Sergent's repair workshop in Liverpool, with 3-wheelers in 1961 Busy line of traffic on Turners Hill, Cheshunt, in 1965 Ex-military vehicles like this were a common sight at motor auctions after the War, 1948 A Rolls-Royce at the West Coast Motor Co., a petrol station in Liverpool, in 1958
The rush hour at Seacombe Ferry approach in the 1920s (during the General Strike?) Parked outside Atlantic House on Hardman Street, Liverpool in 1947 Seel Street bomb-site car park again, Liverpool, in 1960 The bomb-site car park behind the Cotton Exchange, Liverpool, in 1963 A Rolls Royce chassis on the quayside at Liverpool, waiting to be shipped abroad, in 1954
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A Zephyr parked in Hanover Street, Liverpool, in 1962 Parked all along Leece Street, Liverpool, in 1952 Dodging the tram lines on Leece Street, Liverpool, in 1952 A well-filled car park in Liverpool on another bombsite on Victoria Street, in 1963