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Morecambe Bay promenade in 1950 "Aeroplanes" ride at Southport from a sepia print found in an old French photo album, 1910 Blackpool Tower, the Ballrooms and the Beach as seen from the Pier in 1948 Blackpool Tower entrance - the "Wonderland of the World", in 1952 Blackpool Opera House and Winter Gardens entrances in 1948
Commercial Street in Salcombe, taken by a keen travelling photographer in 1903 The Thurston Teahouse in Salcombe, with the photographer's companions, in 1903 The West End of St. Austell, outside Hoars the butchers, in the 1900s The National Schools at Pershore, Fladbury? in the 1900s Stokesay Castle, Shropshire, taken some time in the 1900s (Identified for us by Boyd Hyslop; Thanks)
"Queen Elizabeth II" coming in to New York in 1956 Isle of Man. The Great Laxey Wheel was still at work in the 1930s The seafront and promenade at Morecambe Bay in 1950 Guildford High Street, looking uphill from the bridge in the 1920s A village in Cheshire with a railway station in the 1880s. Can anybody identify it?

An aerial shot from above the Mersey showing both banks of Birkenhead and Liverpool in 1950 An angler at Rufford in the 1890s Workers leaving Pilkington's Glass factory in Saint Helens in 1947 Workers leaving Pilkington's Glass factory in Saint Helens in 1947 The ferry at Dartmouth in Devon operated from "6am to 10.55pm" in the 1940s
The old working Water-wheel at Rosset in 1943 A North Wales mine on the coast road in 1959. Can anyone identify where this is? Peter Pan's Playground in Southport was favourite destination for day-trippers in the 1950s Blackpool Tower with the funfair and promenade, taken from the end of the Pier in the 1910s Bridge Street and Parliament Street, Westminster, in the 1950s. Where is all the traffic?
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Guildford High Street, looking downhill with the distinctive clock, in the 1920s A Church and cottages somewhere in Cheshire in the 1920s. - Can anybody identify the area? Dock workers loading "Dunbar Standard" potatoes at Coleraine, Northern Ireland, in 1960 Leadworks Lane, Chester, in 1960. The name is self-explanatory!