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Submarine 'Finwhale' and tug 'Blackcock' in dock, 1959 'Bulwark' with tugs 'Maplegarth' and 'Cedargarth', 1963 F121 "Tumult" in dock, 1954 Destroyer R24 'Gravelines' at sea, 1946 Commissioning ceremony of 'Ajax', 1963
Submarine P427 'Aeneas', 1946 F67 "Tyrian" in dock, 1957 Launch of submarine HMS 'Opossum' at Cammell Lairds, 1963 Launch of "Ark Royal", 1950 A187 'Forth' and tug 'Willowgarth', 1961

HMS "Devonshire" ASDIC equipment, 1962 HMS "Devonshire" interior, 1962 HMS "Devonshire" - Can anybody help with identifying this structure?, 1962 HMS "Devonshire" interior, 1962> "Nigeria" in Cammell Lairds, 1957
Launch of submarine 'Finwhale', 1960 "Campania" in 1950 "Campania", 1950 P3122 "Marlingford" in 1955 A187 "Forth" in the Mersey, 1961
'Ark Royal' and D02 'Devonshire' from the air, 1963 F67 "Tyrian" in the Mersey, 1957 HMS 'Ajax' officers and crew at the Cammell Lairds ceremony, 1963 Submarine S16 'Oracle' Commissioning ceremony, 1963 Ship's Company of H.M.S. "Ajax" in 1963.
Can anybody put names to these faces?
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F67 "Tyrian" leaving Cammell Lairds in 1957 F67 "Tyrian" in dock at Cammell Lairds in 1957 2 tank landing craft Nos. L4042 and L4050 in dry dock (Cammell Lairds?). 1957 As-yet unidentified warship on the Mersey, with tugs "Grassgarth" and "Willowgarth" in 1961