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New Brighton's Wilkie's Circus on the Promenade, with the elephant pulling-in the crowds in 1948 Contestants in the Skipping Race at English Electric Sports Day in 1948 English Electric Sports Day. A winner collecting her prize in 1948 A stroll along New Brighton's Kings Parade on a "bracing" day in 1948 Dads getting tangled up in the Obstacle Race at English Electric Sports Day in 1953
A swimming pool in a new North Wales holiday camp, 1948 Chairlift to the Tower Ballroom at New Brighton Funfair, 1961 English Electric Sports Day, Beauty Competition parade, 1956 Outside Wood Bros. cycle shop, Liverpool, 1950 Queuing to see an Ideal Homes exhibition in St. George's Hall, Liverpool, 1958
Men standing on a bomb-damaged corner of Scotland Road near the 'Travellers Rest', Liverpool, in 1949 Children playing around the abandoned Windmill on Bidston Hill in 1951 Passengers on the top deck of the Mersey Ferry approaching Liverpool in 1947 The Miniature Railway and Tea Gardens, part of Tommy Mann's New Brighton operations in 1951 A lad waits for his younger brother on the slide at an English Electric Sports Day in 1956

Three-legged race for the Mums and Dads at an English Electric Sports Day in 1948 Falling off the "Greasy Pole" at an English Electric Sports Day, 1948 Enjoying a field trip in the 1930s, with a stop for a (heavy) breather! Feeding the seagulls on steps in the Isle of Man in the early 1930s Musical Chairs at a Work's Sports Day in 1954. Those chairs weren't built for that treatment!
A day out, playing on Bidston Hill beside the derelict Windmill in 1951 Children pose in the back yard with the shiny new Pollocks "Victoria" pedal-car in the 1910s A couple watching the high tide at Parkgate in the 1930s. Water rarely reaches the embankment now Cyclists preparing for a time trial or a road race near Liverpool in 1963 Sack Race for the parents at the English Electric Sports Day in 1956
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The Miniature Railway at New Brighton, with a ferry-boat at the landing stage in the distance. 1940 Sunbathers on Leasowe sand dunes. One young lady is wearing a very early example of a Bikini. 1949 Relaxing at the New Brighton Funfair Tea Gardens, beside the Miniature Railway, in 1950 Cycling time trials in the early morning on a Sunday, when the roads are clear. Liverpool, 1963