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Boys with a project on "Milk" at a Warrington School in 1951 Drinking their morning milk in the playground in a Warrington School, 1951 Art class in a Warrington School, 1951 A School Library in Warrington, 1951 Junior band in a Warrington School, 1951
Oswestry Orthopaedic Hospital, Boys' TB Ward, 1951 Oswestry Orthopaedic Hospital, Girls' TB Ward, 1951 Victorian girl reading a book, 1880s? Kiddies' ride at English Electric Sports Day, 1956 Prize-giving at English Electric Sports Day, 1956
New Brighton beach when it was still sandy, and the Pier when it was still there! 1949 A crowd in the English Electric Canteen hall during the Flower Show, 1948 A day out climbing and playing on Bidston Hill, on the Wirral, in 1951 Egremont beach and promenade with New Brighton in the background, 1948 Huge crowds on New Brighton beach during the hot Summer of 1947

Children cycling in Marine Park, New Brighton, 1949 Families around Central Park Lake, Liscard, Wallasey 1949 Families beside the lake in Birkenhead Park in 1950 Children playing by Bidston Windmill, Wirral, in 1951 Families enjoying the late afternoon sun on Moreton shore, 1947
Children on Egremont Promenade, Wirral, 1948 Families around New Brighton Model Boating Lake in 1961 Passengers joining 'Saxonia' berthed at Liverpool, 1960 Showing how easy it is to operate an early form of 'wet' photocopier, 1958 Model boat building, - He's "helping" his Dad. 1962
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Prize-giving at Speke Secondary School in 1953 Women chatting by th entrance to Clare Street Wash-house, Liverpool, 1952 Fazakerley Cottage Homes Christmas Party at English Electric, 1951 Family walking past line of motor cars, Harrison Drive, New Brighton, 1948