Cammell Lairds (page 1)

Cutting steel underneath "Samaria", in 1950 Making large sheet-steel hoppers in the Welding Shop, 1961 A floating dock under construction in the new dry dock, 1963 Pouring a large casting in 1946 The new dock beside the Priory, 1958
Laying the first plate of keel No.1314 in 1963. Can anyone identify the vessel? - it was probably an important one. 'Windsor Castle' with the tug 'North Wall' in 1960 Buses are posed underneath the 100 Ton Crane to show off its scale in this photo from 1960 "Cheshire" entering the water at her launch in 1959 Spectators at the launch of "Cheshire" in 1959. Some shipyard workers have found a good vantage point!
Darts matches and other sporting events were often held between shops on the yard. This is 1961 Blacksmith attaching a hook to a chain in 1957. He wouldn't be allowed to smoke that cigarette today! Playing chess during a tea break in 1960. Games and leisure pursuits were a big feature of the yard. "Windsor Castle" coming in to the dock in 1960 Setting-out a thick steel plate prior to cutting in 1961

'Gladstone Star' in dry dock, 1962 Spectators and officials at the launch of "Cheshire" in 1959 View of Liverpool across the Mersey from the shipyard in 1957 Working on a steel hawser in 1957. These men's skills passed away along with them. Heavy forge workers in 1957. The whole shop would shake with the impact of the hammer.
Splicing a heavy rope in 1956. Those young men never passed-on that skill. Annealing chains in an oven in the 1950s Painting ships' badges and shields for ceremonial use in 1958 Putting a "thimble" in the end of a steel hawser in 1956 Aerial view of the shipyards, with Woodside and Birkenhead in the background, 1962
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Bending a large tube for "Triton", 1960 Laying a keel for an (as yet) unidentified vessel in 1961 Heavy forge workers in 1957. Great skill was need in this very dangerous procedure. Knocking-off time, with crowds of workers leaving through the main gates in 1957