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Setting individual pieces of type by hand in a letterpress print-shop in 1961 Cutting large flanges from thick sheet steel at Cammell Lairds in 1959 Finishing a large cable at Cammell Lairds in 1956 Sand-blasting a steel sheet prior to laying the keel of a vessel at Cammell Lairds in 1960 Christmas decorations at an English Electric fuse-gear workshop in 1947
Going home in the rain from English Electric, Stonebridge Lane, in 1951 Spray painting Meccano plates at Binns Road in 1950. No face-mask of course! Dockers loading potatoes at Coleraine, Northern Ireland, 1960 A Blacksmith at Cammell Lairds, 1956. Ironically, that cigarette would be illegal today! Using a large bench saw. That guard was probably put on specially for the photo.
Meccano at Binns Road, with few nods to Health & Safety besides the "turban", 1950 Dockers at Coleraine in 1960 handling "National Dried Milk" for the Welfare Foods Service Painting ships' shields and badges at Cammell Lairds, 1958 Setting-up racks of Meccano prior to spray-painting, Binns Road, 1950 A craftsman only needs one good arm for this skill, 1958

Dockers at Coleraine, Northern Ireland in 1960. Are they handling bales of wool? A motor repair workshop somewhere in Liverpool, 1959 A motor repair workshop somewhere in Liverpool, 1959. Can anybody identify it? Annealing chains at Cammell Lairds in the 1950s Shaping timber with a bench router at Cammell Lairds in 1948
Putting a "thimble" on the end of a thick steel hawser cable, 1956 Setting-out a thick steel plate for cutting at Cammell Lairds in 1961 Heavy plate forming machinery at Cammell Lairds, 1961 Engineers working at the bench, Cammell Lairds, 1956 A large bandsaw in action, with absolutely no time to waste on "Elfin Safety"!
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The Sick Bay at Cammell Lairds, 1961 The Packing line at the Meccano factory in Binns Road, Liverpool, 1950 Working on a thick steel hawser at Cammell Lairds, 1957 Examining every link at the Chainshop, Cammell Lairds, 1956