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A newly-built Tesco Supermarket storefront in 1962 A Woolworth's sweet counter (of fond memory) in 1961 The accounts section of Pilkingtons Glass in St. Helens. 1958 The accounts section of Pilkingtons Glass in St. Helens. 1958 Packing "Phyllosan" in 1962
The barman at a Work's Canteen bar serving two of the firm's pensioners, 1948 Wood Bros. cycle shop, Renshaw St, Liverpool. You could get a British bike for �2.10/- on the "never-never" in 1950 Mitchell Torok signing his record "When Mexico gave up the Rumba" in the Top Hat, Liverpool, 1957 Birkenhead Market was an important part of the fabric of the town in 1950 when this photo was taken. A family living and working on their narrow-boat near Liverpool in the 1930s
Unloading New Zealand lamb at Liverpool Docks in 1959, before trade with New Zealand was discouraged by the EU Packing winchesters of Pholcodine Syrup in 1959, It is still in use today as a cough suppressant Measuring out glucose for pharmaceutical use in 1959. Not many nods to "Elfin Safety" here! A Fashion Parade in English Electric's works canteen, 1948 A surprisingly early experiment in Drive-through banking, Princes Rd, Liverpool in 1959

Sweeping up by the "Nut Corner" in the old Birkenhead Market, 1956 Kirby's cars, Renshaw Street, Liverpool, 1962. A Sunbeam Rapier could be yours for �1087.13/11d Geneva Motors, Derby Rd, Bootle, 1960. Drive a Brighton-built 3-wheel Isetta for 5gns deposit A Fruit Market beside the Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool, in 1962 before the area was "improved" Taken in the 1930s, this photo could easily have been taken any time over the previous 100 years
Using a Sumlock calculator, (later called a Comptometer) in 1956. Concert pianists only need apply! Aindow's Ice Cream Parlour, 155 Kensington, Liverpool, in 1950 Wood's Radio & TV Showroom Woods radio & TV showroom, Liverpool, 1952. The K.B. television was 99 Guineas or 22/- weekly Woods cycle showroom with "Power Pak" add-on motors for your bike, Liverpool, 1952
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Royal Insurance boardroom in Liverpool, 1950 Fils Bar in Park Place, Liverpool 8, in 1948. Tea was 3d., Coffee 4d. and Beans on Toast 10d. The army of girls required to manually check Vernons Pools Coupons in 1948 A Welfare Foods stand in T.J. Hughes, Liverpool in 1955. Dried Egg or Cod Liver Oil anyone?