1920s (Page 2)

A shot of the Liverpool Cotton Exchange taken secretly during trading by a Member Another illicit view of the Trading Floor at Liverpool Cotton Exchange Hastings Old Town seen from the top of the East Hill Hastings beach with pleasure boats pulled up on the shingle Building the Bandstand in Vale Park, New Brighton.
Liverpool Central Station with a view of Ranelagh Street and Lewis's Carlisle Parade, Hastings, with a row of changing huts and pleasure boats A Military Band on Tithebarn Street in Liverpool This green area on the West Hill at Hastings is still there The Old Luggage Boat at Seacombe Ferry landing stage in 1924

New Brighton, The Promenade with a distant view of the Pier in 1924 Bidston Observatory when it was still doing important observations in 1923 The Plough Inn, Wallasey, in 1925 Repairs to Liverpool's Cotton Exchange, a clandestine shot by a Member Families taking a walk in their overcoats on Hoylake Promenade
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The Magazine in New Brighton was closed down in 1851, Seen here in 1923 Roundabouts at New Brighton's Funfair in 1925 The cafe in Vale Park, New Brighton, in 1923 A tug on the Mersey, with Seacombe in the background, in 1923