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Blackpool Tower and the Promenade in 1948      Catalogue No.260


This photo was taken three years after the War, when Blackpool was still a magnet drawing families from all over the UK for their holidays. It was probably taken early in the season as a publicity shot, which would explain the thin crowds and empty beach!
Tiny railway branch lines penetrated into every area before Dr. Beeching wielded his axe in the 1960s. Consequently a short trip to the local station, and maybe a change onto the main line, could get you to the seaside in a few smoky hours from any part of the country. It would be another two decades before cheap foreign air travel eventually spelled doom for the traditional British seaside holiday.
The South Coast had many popular resorts within easy reach of London by train, including Hastings and its sister town of St. Leonards. The Hastings button above leads to a gallery of our images obtained from antique shops in Hastings.