Meccano, Hornby and Dinky Toys

Painting Dinky Toys at Binns Road, Liverpool, in 1957      Catalogue No.397

A surprising amount of the small details on Dinky Toys were applied with a brush and the steady hand of a girl on the production line at Binns Road.
This apparently benign photo shows two girls carefully painting the castings still warm from the drying ovens. It is slightly more worrying when closer inspection reveals that the wire grilles holding the models are resting on thick, fraying, asbestos pads!
The highly skilled workers (almost exclusively female) operated with few of the safety precautions which would be required today. Some of the photos show paint being sprayed using a vacuum exhaust removal system which at least gave partial protection from the noxious fumes.
The girl operating the strip punching machine on page 1 of the gallery isn't using gloves or eye protection and doesn't seem concerned about the razor-sharp edges of the strips before they were finished and painted. At least her long hair is bound-up tightly in a turban.