Castle Street, Liverpool, looking towards the Town Hall in 1946      Catalogue No.158


This view along Castle Street, with the Town Hall dominating the north end, has remained almost unchanged for more than 100 years. This photo was taken in 1946, just after WW2, at nearly mid-day if the Town Hall clock is accurate.
The volume of road traffic still hadn't returned to pre-war levels, and the few cars had to be careful to avoid the large number of pedestrians who seem to be randomly crossing the street, (more than 15 from close inspection!).
The tram lines were still in constant use as part of the largest tram system in the UK. The tram was the transport of choice for journeys within the City, and right out to most of the outlying districts.
Sadly within 15 years of this photo the tram service was scrapped for what, to us now, seem very short-sighted reasons.