New Shakespeare Theatre, Fraser Street, Liverpool, in 1957      Catalogue No.261


Since its opening in 1888, the Shakespeare Theatre on Fraser Street in Liverpool had been through a few changes by the time this photo was taken in 1957.
It was originally used for light operas and revues and as a Music Hall, but between the Wars it fell into disuse until it re-opened as the "Pigalle" - a dance and cabaret club. The Pigalle Theatre Club struggled on until 1957, when the American film director and actor Sam Wanamaker (father of Zoë) was appointed Director of the Theatre and renamed it the "New Shakespeare" with the aim of producing 'legitimate' theatre there.
In 1963 the theatre became a Dance Hall, then in the late 60s it became a Cabaret Club, with local personality and DJ Pete Price as the compere.
The "Shakey", as it was generally known, continued on-and-off until 1976, when a mysterious fire led to its demolition, - like so many good old buildings in Liverpool.