Pelham Crescent and St. Mary in the Castle in the early 1900s      Catalogue No.589

It took so long to set up the cumbersome mahogany camera on its wooden tripod, that there was always time for an inquisitive child to get into the photograph. This boy is noticeably well-dressed in his tweed knickerbocker suit, starched shirt and polished boots. Maybe he has been escorting his Grandmamma, seen taking the sea air on the bench behind him.
The sign for "Ellis Son & Vidler" on the wall behind them could still be clearly seen under many layers of white paint until a couple of years ago, when "improvements" obliterated it.
The road was much narrower then, it presently goes right through everything seen in the foreground. Though if the Council takes its "traffic calming" road narrowing policy to its logical conclusion it won't be long before the carriageway is returned to its former width.