Urban scenes on the Wirral (page 5)

Wallasey Town Hall covered with decorations for the Coronation in 1953 Coronation decorations on Liscard Roundabout (when it had one) in 1953 A quite stroll along Seabank Road, Wallasey, in 1948 Aerial view of the construction of Squibbs Factory, Moreton, in 1965 Spital, outside the "Bromborough Road Stores" in 1963
The aptly named "Jerker" in Central Park, Liscard, 1948. The hospital's over the road, so that's OK! Woodslee School, Bromborough, PE (or was it PT?) in the playground in the 1940s A street in Bromborough in the 1930s. Can you identify it? Coleridge Drive, Lower Bebington, in the 1930s. The only vehicle is a bike propped at the kerb! Croft Hall on Croft Lane, Bromborough, in the 1930s
A street In Bromborough in the 1940s. Can you identify it? Reeds Lane and Reedville Grove with Leasowe Station seen from the air in 1965 Dodd Avenue, Greasby, in the 1940s A weighing machine beside the beach at West Kirby(?) in the 1930s Little Neston, with Neston Cottage Hospital, in 1960
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Interior view of the reception area at Central Library, Ellesmere Port, in 1962 Birkenhead Docks and the surrounding area seen from the air in the 1940s