Urban scenes on the Wirral (page 3)

The "Witches Hat" in Wallasey's Central Park, 1959, - Heavy, loosely suspended, and free to revolve over a concrete base! - What could possibly go wrong?! The junction of Greasby Road and Frankby Road, in 1959 Lady Lever Art Gallery, the world-famous centrepiece of Port Sunlight, seen here in the 1950s Storeton Quarry, Bebington, in the 1930s when it was still delivering its distinctive red sandstone Marymount Convent & School on Mill Lane in Liscard, in the 1920s. The Cherry Tree car park is on this site now
Hoylake beach in the 1940s Hoylake Baths in the 1940s, with two groups of USAF servicemen The new Co-op in Liscard, newly opened in 1965. It only lasted 30 years, in common with many "modern" buildings West Kirby beach packed with holidaymakers beside the Bathing Pool, in the 1930s Chester High Road, Neston, in 1961. A middle-aged lady cyclist has stopped for a natter with her friend
Neston Cottage Hospital in 1963 when it still served the local community. A year later it was "rationalised" out of existance Liscard, the site of the new Safeways supermarket and surrounding shops, in 1963 The new Safeways supermarket and row of shops in Liscard, 1964. Hawkins Strawberry Flans look good! The Labour Hall on Church Road Seacombe, with Belle Vue Road and Abbotsford street, in 1961 Seacombe, Leasowe Castle Hotel, with Fell Street & Demesne Street, in 1961, before the Kingsway Tunnel roads were dug
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High tide at Parkgate, in January 1948 Heswall, The row of shops on Telegraph Road in the 1940s Bromborough Cross in the 1940s. This photo is a puzzle until you notice the steeple is behind the bank, not on it! The trusty old No.1 Wallasey bus passes its shiny new replacement on Seabank Road, Wallasey, in 1958