Rural scenes on the Wirral (page 2)

Hilbre Island, a popular venue for a day out as long as you watched the tides! 1961 Hilbre Island Telegraph Station, once an important method of communication, in 1961 Hilbre Island, looking out across the Irish Sea in 1961 Hilbre Island's "Ladies Cave" is a favourite place to shelter if the weather turns bad, 1961 Bidston Footpath across Bidston Moss. The view from the Breck in the 1920s
Raby Mere with the Mill House Tea Gardens in Summer during the 1940s Raby Mere, still with a good crowd of day-trippers in Winter during the 1930s A view of Storeton Woods with a good covering of snow in 1954 A true Gypsy camp somewhere on the Wirral in the 1930s Bidston Observatory was still being used for serious astronomical study in 1923
Magazine Village shore with its small boat-yards, seen here in the 1930s VE Day greenhouse display in May 1945. This old gent is very proud of his vegetables! Wood Lane, Greasby when it was still a little country lane in the 1930s A common sight on the Wirral in 1930. Tractors were introduced during the war to increase food production. The A550 crossing A540 Chester Road with a signpost to "Capenhurst New Works" in 1959
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