New Brighton (page 6)

The Funfair, 1940s The Circus entrance, 1940s Demesne Street Bowling Green, 1940s Model boating lake, 1961 W. H. Wilkie's Circus, 1950
Tommy Mann's family, 1947 Harrison Park, 1948 The Big Wheel, 1948 The Bouncing Bicycles, 1946 Portland Court, newly built, 1947
Circus Acrobats, 1948 Marine Park and the Boating Lake, 1947 New bus on Victoria Road, 1958 Seabank Road and Warwick Drive, 1948 Elephant act at the Circus, 1948
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Speciality act at the Circus, 1948 Victoria Road, 1948 Tommy Mann's "Duck", 1946 Mother Redcaps, a dining room, 1940s