New Brighton (page 5)

Egremont Promenade and Maddock Road, with the Mariner's Home, in the 1900s The Art Deco Boating Lake in the 1940s View of the town from a high spot at the end of the Pier, 1920s The Floral Gardens, with the corner of the New Brighton Palace in 1961 Tommy Mann's "Duck" on the beach in 1946. Is this the one that sank in the Albert Dock?
The Miniature Railway running alongside the Swingboats at the funfair in 1949 Holidaymakers at the Circus entrance in 1950 Visitors looking over-dressed to our eyes, on Egremont Promenade in the 1900s Circus Elephants taking their regular exercise on the Promenade in 1950 The forbidding entrance of The Magazine in 1923
A new front-entry bus on the Promenade in 1958 according to the negative. (really, that early?) Vale Park Bandstand with a brass band giving a concert, in 1948 The oldest rondabout in Britain: "built 1820, still going strong", seen here in 1946 Swingboats and Tommy Mann's Miniature Railway in 1951 A general view of roundabouts at the Fairground in 1925
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Repairs to the Landing Stage in 1921, with a floating crane doing the lifting Victoria Road in 1947. Fish & Chips shops, a Shooting Range and a Palmist. Perfect! Tommy Mann's "Duck" taking on passengers on the beach in 1946 Vale Park in 1923. The building now looks much brighter as the Vale House Cafe