New Brighton (page 4)

The Tower and Boating Lake in the 1910s Fort Perch Rock with crowds on the sandy beach in 1948 Marine Promenade, under the canopy on the front of the Bathing Pool in 1948 The beach and Pier, with "Professor Humo's" Punch & Judy show, in 1948 Bathing Pool, the diving boards end, during an evening session in 1947
Another view of the beach and Pier in 1948. Where did all that sand go? A romantic evening on the Boating Lake by Fort Perch Rock in 1948 Floral Gardens and Pavilion, with a good view of the Pier, in 1961 Tommy Mann's Miniature Railway running alongside the children's funfair in 1951 New Brighton Palace and the Floral Gardens in 1952
Royal Ferry Hotel in 1956 (later became The Chelsea Reach) Circus performers and staff lined up for a group photograph in 1950 Portland Court, overlooking the seafront, seen here newly built in 1947 A roundabout at the fair. The poster says: "Victory Celebrations, June 8th" 1945 Another view of the roundabout at the Kiddies Park in 1945. Rides were 3d
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An floodlit evening session at the Bathing Pool in 1947 Another view of the Floral Pavilion and Gardens in 1961 Aerial view of the town, with the Pier, in the 1950s A Trapeze act at the Circus in 1948