New Brighton (page 3)

Tommy Mann's Miniature Railway, with the lethal "Swingboats"! in 1949 The Miniature Railway, with Liverpool as a backdrop, in 1949 The Chairlift at the Tower Fairground in 1961. Hold tight and don't look down, Elfin Safety? - what's that? The Pool in 1947. 30 years later, after some damage during a big storm, it was demolished in indecent haste Fort Perch Rock looking across the Causeway in the 1930s
The bottom end of Victoria Road and the Pier in the 1880s The Tower Ballroom and crowd in the Fairground, 1948 The Tea Gardens in 1950, with a notice: "No Food Parcels Please" The Toy Boating lake, with a crowd admiring the models in 1962 The Belgravia Hotel on Wellington Road, seen here in 1947
The petrol driven Speedway track at the Fairground in 1948 Entertainment on the Pier in 1961, looking towards the town Crowds on the beach beside the Pier with "Parthia" passing by on the Mersey in 1948 The Tivoli Theatre in 1954. George Formby and Stan Laurel had performed there in its heyday The interior of "Mother Redcaps" when it was used as a Restaurant in 1959. It's just a memory now
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The Kiddies' Play Park, just after VE Day in June 1945 Cottage Garage and Victoria Garage on Albion Street, in 1957 The traditional Merry-go-Round (ok, Carousel if you insist!) at the Tower Fairground in 1946