New Brighton (page 2)

Mockbeggar Bay and the beach near Derby Pool. A few late-evening swimmers in 1949 The Tower Ballroom and a crowd at the Fairground in 1949 The view from the Pier with the Tower Ballroom and the beach crowded with holiday-makers in 1949 The beach in 1949. - we'll never again see it crowded like that The Pier, when the town was at its peak as a holiday destination in the 1920s
Egremont Promenade, a popular walk beside the Mersey in 1949 Egremont Promenade with New Brighton Ferry Pier in the background, 1949 Egremont Promenade with crowds of day-trippers on the beach in 1949 Egremont beach in 1949, with the ferry buildings, all that remained of the Pier which was demolished 3 years earlier The corner of Albion Street and Mount Road in 1965.
An old farm stile on Fort Street, Magazine Brow, in 1925 James Fox as a young boy filming "The Magnet" at New Brighton in 1950 The Promenade, with the film crew making "The Magnet" in 1950 Building the Bandstand in Vale Park in 1924. Timber scaffold poles were apparently still in use then Crowds on the Promenade and the old Pier. It looks like a cold day in 1924
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Mockbeggar Bay near Derby Pool in the late afternoon, 1949 Sunbathers on the sand dunes at Leasowe in 1949. - A very early appearance of the "Bikini" Tommy Mann's Children's funfair, with the starting point of the Miniature Railway, in 1949 A Punch & Judy Show on the beach performed by "Professor R. Codman Junior" in 1930