Birkenhead (page 7)

Woodchurch Road, 1930s St. Oswalds Church, Bidston Old Chester Road, Bebington New Chester Road, Rock Ferry Bedford Road, Rock Ferry, 1890s
F. A. Frost & Sons, Ellesmere Port Oak and Eldon Gardens, 1958 Woodchurch Estate, newly built, 1950 Woodchurch Estate, newly built, 1950 Rock Ferry approach, 1900s
Woodside and Grayson Rollo from the River Cammell Lairds and Woodside Birkenhead Park Lake frozen, in the 1930's Central Hotel and King Edward Memorial Tom Wallace Motor Spares, Lord Street
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Woodchurch Estate, Homefarm Rd, 1950 Woodchurch Estate, just built, 1950 The "Halfway House", Woodchurch Road New Chester Road