Birkenhead (page 5)

Grange Road West in the 1930s looks twice its present width due to the lack of parked cars Central Hotel in the 1940s. The Edward VII memorial was later moved to accommodate the flyover The fondly remembered roundabout at Charing Cross decorated for Christmas in 1960 Woodside bus terminus and ferry building, with "Reina del Pacifico" on the river behind, 1954
Rock Ferry, New Chester Road and Morecroft Road with a No.12 tram to Woodside in the 1910s One of the many scrapyards on Old Bidston Road in 1948 Dock Cottages, said to be the oldest purpose-built blocks of flats in England. Seen here in 1900 The Tunnel entrance, with a large bronze propeller coming from Stone Manganese, in 1952
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Grange Road West, looking towards Charing Cross in the 1930s Rock Lane West, Rock Ferry, still looking very rural in 1900 The Main Library on Borough Road in 1938, shortly after it was built