Birkenhead (page 2)

The ABC Cinema on Argyle Street, showing Tom Courtney in "Billy Liar" in 1962 Scaffolding on the Pump house chimney at Woodside, with the side of the Pier Hotel in 1961 The Park Hotel, on the corner of Oxton Road at Charing Cross, in the 1900s Scrap merchants and other yards on Old Bidston Road in 1948 Grayson Rollo shipyard, which was between Cammell Lairds and Woodside, in 1948
Woodside Pump House with scaffolding on the chimney, from the bus terminal and Ferry approach in 1961 Dock Road with the Manganese Bronze offices, with working rail lines across the road in 1963 Argyle Street with The ABC Cinema showing "Payroll" (nor me!) in 1961. Not much changed 53 years later View of the Dock Road from the flour mills in 1960, before the tunnel roads changed the area Woodside Railway Station perched on the edge of the new dock in 1959
Cammell Lairds seen from one of the new flats being built at Tranmere in 1961 Argyle Street South in the 1950s before the flyovers were built (and later demolished, - hey ho! it's only taxpayer's money) Rock Lane West in Rock Ferry, looking like a quiet rural road in the early 1900s Old Chester Road, with the 68 bus passing a row of tobacconists and sweet shops in 1959 The junction of Corporation Road & Cleveland Street in 1948 before it was developed
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Conway Street, looking towards Hamilton Square in 1959, before the flyover (and "The Asda") Cleveland Street? or just a Cleveland Garage beside a Dairy, with kids playing in 1960 Winter sports in Mersey Park, Tranmere, with games in the snow, during the late 1940s