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MP 9052 on the dockside at Liverpool in 1958. Is this car being exported? Strand, Liverpool, in 1956. The road was considerably widened later Queensferry on the road to North Wales. Rush-hour in 1935 Parked outside Huyton Parish Church on a sunny afternoon in the 1940s Policeman on unnecessary point duty outside Voelas Arms Hotel in the 1930s
Humber PHY 185 delivering a VIP cleric to a Cammell Lairds launching in 1962 The George & Dragon, Chester, - a good drive out from Birkenhead in the 1930s Eastham in the 1930s, when a car parked down the road was an event! A motor auction somewhere in the North-West in 1962. Information anyone? A Bomb-site car park beside the Goree on the Strand, Liverpool, in 1957
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Hillman cars lined-up on Liverpool Dock, waiting for export in 1956 Victoria Street in Westminster. London, 1954 A "Frisky" 3-wheeler being demonstrated in 1960 Bob Sergent's showrooms in Liverpool, full of 3-wheelers in 1952