Merchant Navy (page 4)

At Cammell Lairds, during the launching of "Ionic", with the tug "Thistlegarth" in 1958 "Pointer" on the Mersey, 1959. One of the first vessels converted to carry containers "Spaniel" on the Mersey, 1959. Another of the vessels converted from tramp steamers to carry containers "Empire Gaelic", shown unloading English Electric lorries somewhere (where?) in Ireland, 1951 Another view of "Pointer" on the Mersey in 1959, showing how containers would be carried
'Lusitania' berthed at Liverpool, with the part-built Royal Liver Building in 1909 "Ulster Prince", The Irish Ferry at Liverpool in 1960 "Leinster" at Liverpool in 1960. Is this a re-named "Ulster Prince"?, please let us know if it is "Nova Scotia" seen here in 1947 was built for service to the Canadian ports from Liverpool "Esso Reading", a Caedmon Cross class tug, undergoing trials on the Mersey in 1954
"Bison" on the Mersey in 1962 is another tramp converted to carry containers "Empress of Canada", the re-named "Duchess of Richmond" on the Mersey in 1948 "Apapa" at Liverpool's Pier Head in 1957 "Akakura" and the tug "North Cock" in dock at Liverpool in 1959 "Cheshire Coast" on the Mersey in 1954. Later re-named "Spartan Prince"
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An unidentified White Star ship approaching Liverpool's Pier Head in the 1910s HMT troopship "Devonshire" on the Mersey in 1954 "Franconia" at the end of her troop-carrying days, Liverpool in 1948 "Arakaka" (later the "Aba Prince") in dock at Liverpool in 1956