Merchant Navy (page 3)

"Cape Sable" in Liverpool Dock, waiting for as cargo of motor cars in 1956 "Wirral Coast" on the Mersey in 1962 "Demodocus" in dock at Liverpool, with a floating crane in 1966 "Windsor Castle" on the Mersey, leaving Liverpool in 1960 "King Jaja" on the Mersey in 1960
The Launch of "Cheshire" at Cammell Lairds in 1956 "Reina del Mar" approaching Liverpool's Landing Stage in 1956 "Reina del Mar" and "Aureol" at Liverpool in 1956. Riverside Station has had its bomb damage repaired A White Star ship at Liverpool in the 1880s. The "3 graces" were built over the next 2 decades "Esso Greenwich" on the Mersey in 1952
"Mauretania" on the Tyne in the 1910s, a few years before her sinking brought the USA into the Great War "Reina del Mar" maneuvering into position at Liverpool Landing Stage in 1956 "Caronia" in Malta's Valetta Harbour in 1962 "Caronia" in Malta's Valetta Harbour in 1962 "Athelbrae" on the Mersey in 1956
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"Reina del Pacifico" on the Mersey, seen from across Woodside Bus Station in 1954 "Wilstar" coming into a Liverpool dock in 1956 The stern of "Saxonia" on the Mersey in 1954 "Cheshire Coast" on the Mersey in 1954