Maritime - general (page 4)

A large floating crane being used to build an oil pipeline at Eastham on the Mersey in 1958 Loading Sodium Oxalate barrels onto a barge at Liverpool Docks in 1961 A publicity photograph taken on board "Media" in 1952 Dredger "Beechfield" in 1954. The Mersey needed constant dredging "Blackbird", at Robertson Buckley Oil Storage on the Mersey in 1959
Making a fry-up at the Galley in 1960. Any information about this man or the vessel would be welcomed Training a Junior Officer to use the compass on 'Maron' in 1962 Group at the launch of a tug in 1957 at Cammell Lairds "Terres Rouges" in 1954. Is this a small ferry? or a river steamer? please let us know "Coquet Mouth" undergoing trials on the Mersey in 1955
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A fisherman posing by his boat in the early 1890s, from a series of negatives taken on holiday in Devon A young officer training to use the new UHF radio set on 'Maron' in 1962