Maritime - general (page 2)

The Morecambe Bay Lightship being towed into position in 1948 A cadet training ship in a Liverpool Dock, 1956 River steamer "Sultan" at Weston Point, Runcorn, in 1950 The ship's company of "Franconia". A group photograph taken on deck in 1956 A traveller's guide shot of the Old Harbour at Rhyll, North Wales, in 1948
The Isle of Man paddle steamer waiting at Liverpool Pierhead in the 1890s Trials of "Athelbrook", a bitumen carrier, on the Mersey in 1950 Rae tugs at Eastham on the Mersey in 1952 The "Duck", a converted military amphibious vehicle, on the sands at New Brighton in 1946 Small boatbuilders on the river Seiont, Caernavon, in 1948
"Sir Thomas Brocklebank", the Liverpool Pilot, in 1959 "Mammoth", the floating crane, on the Mersey in 1950 "H.M.S. Conway", the maritime training college, exterior in 1963 "Dawn", a river steamer, undergoing trials on the Mersey in 1956 A ship taking on fresh water from a bowser in one of the Liverpool Docks in 1955
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Playing Shuffleboard on board a "Reina" ship. A travel guide photo taken in 1956 Marconi Radio equipment and Radio Officers on "Mauretania" in 1958 Marconi Radio equipment and Radio Officers on "Mauretania" in 1958 Plotting a course on a chart in 1958 as part of the Marconi Radio trial