Liverpool districts (page 4)

Crowds of racegoers and lines of trams going to Aintree on Grand National Day in the 1920s The corner of Shaw Street & Eastbourne Road in 1952. The massively ornate cast-iron lamp post didn't survive much longer Mill Street & Hill Street, Toxteth, in 1952. The bomb-sites are already being covered with new blocks of flats West Derby Road & White Rock Street in 1960. The No.12 bus to Castle Street is passing the "Eureka" pub on the left Falconer Street & Gray Street, Bootle, in 1952. From a series of photos recording the condition of the buildings
Smithdown Road in 1952, with Cullen Street on the right and Cornet Street on the left St.James' Place in 1952. Eating apples "6d a lb" & "Large Oranges 4d" at Allentoff's Fruit Market across the road The Rocket Roundabout in 1959 before the flyover and road widening changed the area completely The Palm House, Sefton Park, in 1959. It has been "saved" a few times, and is now an important feature of the City Peel Road & Salisbury Road, Bootle, in 1952. "Prefabs" were covering every available bomb-site to re-house the displaced population
Peel Road & Salisbury Road, Bootle, in 1952. The horse and cart was still a familiar sight on the roads An alley near Peel Road, Bootle, in 1952. The lamp-post has still got a gas mantle in it. Three milk bottles are on the doorstep Phelps Street & Irving (Irvine?) Street, Bootle, in 1951. A record for an Insurance company before work was done on the street Hawthorne Road and Province Road, Bootle, in 1952. "Irwins Modern Grocers" is on the corner Hornby Road & Malta Road, Bootle, in 1952. The horse-drawn milk cart was still in use, though the familiar electric milk-float was taking over
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Huyton Parish Church (Saint Michael's), with its distinctive 8-pointed tower, in the 1940s Maghull Parish Church (Saint Andrew's), in the 1940s. The Schweppes factory on Long Lane in 1962. The lack of traffic is hard to believe now Aerial photograph of the Hawthorn Road area, Bootle, in 1962. Rows of houses were built right up to the factory walls