Liverpool City Centre (page 9)

Derby Square & Lord Street rebuilt after the bomb damage, 1963 Lord Street & "Holy Corner" in 1963, with the rebuilt side of the street Taking it easy by the Pierhead War Memorial in 1952 The bombed-out shell of the Old Customs House in Canning Place, 1947 North John Street in 1952, with a mobile camera platform taking the photo shown below
David Lewis Hotel mariners home, in 1953 Bon Marche and Church Street, 1955 Floating Road to the Landing Stage, 1923 Coronation Decorations, Rodney Street, 1902 No. 118 Duke Street, Liverpool, in 1963
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Lime Street, 1940s Central Station, Ranelagh Street, 1947 N. John Street & Dale Street with Rigby's