Liverpool City Centre (page 3)

Hanover Street, The Amber Cafe and Bill Taylor's betting office in 1962 Hanover Street, with advertising hoardings still covering bomb damage in 1962 Leece Street, with the Leece Street Post Office on the corner of Roscoe Street. 1952 Leece Street looking up to Hardman Street, with Rodney Street on the right. 1952 Windsor Street, with "Geo. Graves Toilet Saloon" (barbers!) on the right of the photo. 1962
Hanover Street, with the Hanover Hotel on the corner of Fleet Street. 1959 Dale Street, with crowds waiting for Mitchell Toruk to appear at the Top Hat Record Shop in 1957 A platform truck with a large camera taking architectural shots on North John Street in 1953 Castle Street & the Town Hall in 1946. Tram lines were still a feature of main streets in the City "Geo.Graves Toilet Saloon" on Windsor Street in 1962
Bob Sergents Motorcycles in an old warehouse on the corner of Orred Street in Moorfields. 1961 Arthur Bruce the florists, on the corner of Ryleys Gardens and Tempest Hey, L2, in 1963 Anglican Cathedral, a shot to show the latest progress made by the builders, 1961 The corner of Upper Parliament Street and Catherine Street in L8, 1962 The corner of Huskisson Street and Hope Street in 1962
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Bomb-damaged areas around South Castle Street used as car parks before rebuilding. 1955 The Waterfront from the air in the 1940s with an unidentified "Empress" at the Landing Stage The Waterfront seen from a Ferry with the tug "Elmgarth" in the foreground. 1960 Pall Mall & Chisenhale Street on the Docks, with Tate & Lyle and the Bridge Inn in the background