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New Brighton beach and the Pier crowded with day trippers from Liverpool. 'Parthia' is steaming past on the Mersey. 1948 The Model Boating lake on the front at New Brighton was a great place to try out your creation before an audience. 1962 A general view of New Brighton Funfair, with the Crazy Bikes and a TV demonstration booth in the late 1940s The entrance to New Brighton's Wilkies Circus in the 1940s, with one of the elephants Listening to the Band by the famous Bandstand in Vale Park, New Brighton, in 1948. Standing was free, a deckchair 3d
Little Sutton Baths in Rivacre Valley, Ellesmere Port, seen from the air in the 1940s. Those fields have now gone A walk on Bidston Hill with the Observatory in the distance. The rocks are worn smooth by generations of walkers. 1940s A Motor Auction in the North West in 1962. Many of those �50 "old bangers" would be treasured collector's items now A Napier/English Electric Bowls Club competition in 1952. Mr. E.Smailes is adding his name to the list Swingboats & the Miniature Railway at New Brighton, 1951. A swingboat was a dangerous implement in the hands of a couple of lads!
Taking tea in the garden after a game of lawn tennis in the 1880s, at a large Liverpool house Harrison Park, Wallasey, at the western end of Harrison Drive when it was left undeveloped in the 1930s. Taken in 1948 An English Electric/Napier sailing and rowing Regatta held in Llyn Padam, North Wales in the late 1940s Group Photo of the Oxton Cricket Club Team in 1962. Any information about the members would be appreciated. Dean Wood Golf Club, Upholland, in the 1910s. Ladies and Gents playing together? very racy!
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Playing Shuffleboard on board one of the "Reinas" in 1956. Probably a publicity shot for the Company A girls' marching band in Liverpool, 1952. Any information would be welcomed. The Iron Bridge in Eaton Park, Eccleston, in the 1930s Winter sports in Mersey Park, Tranmere, on the Wirral in the 1940s. Mum's tea-tray did the job before plastic toboggans!