Leisure - Indoors (page 5)

A couple being married, kneeling at the altar of Saint Mary the Virgin, West Derby, Liverpool, in 1963 Students at a meeting in Liverpool's Philharmonic Hall in 1960. All the faces are very sharp and could be recognised Entertaining the crowd with a bit of nonsense at a Liverpool Swimming Gala in 1950 Chimpanzees in their performing outfits at New Brighton Circus in 1947. - Yes, really "The past is a foreign country"! Chimpanzees at New Brighton Circus performing a balancing act for a publicity shot in 1947
A clown does a trick for the Mayor of Wallasey and his party at New Brighton Circus in 1948 Clowns doing a musical routine in the ring at New Brighton Circus in 1948 Father Christmas's spacemen helpers carry him into a firm's Christmas Party in 1957 An as-yet unidentified Jazz quartet performing in 1963. Can anyone please let us know who they were? Father Christmas, a very dodgy-looking clown, and kids singing on a stage at a concert in 1954
Building a balsa-wood model aeroplane in 1960. A kit this big would have cost a few pounds Choosing which LP to play on their "Dansette" in 1962. They've chosen "South Pacific", mmmm! Interior of "Saint Mary's Own" Scout troop's hut in 1957. The "Senior Patrol Den" looks a grim place An animated conversation in 1960. Nothing is known about this negative, so any ideas? The recently refurbished Auditorium of the Playhouse Theatre in Liverpool, a publicity shot taken in 1961
A Trapeze act at New Brighton Circus in 1948. The sailor suits should give a clue to who these performers were Elephant act at New Brighton Circus in 1948. The elephants were a permanent feature of the show at the time Speciality acrobats practising their routine at New Brighton Circus in 1948 Equestrian acts were an important part of any Circus Show at New Brighton Circus in 1948 The renovated Foyer and Bar of the Playhouse Theatre, Liverpool, in 1961
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