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A group of revellers in a ballroom, possibly Burton Chambers in Liverpool, 1946 The Bar at Liverpool Pierhead Waiting Room in 1948. Just time for a "quick one" before the next Ferry! Fil's Bar had just opened in Park Place, Liverpool 8 in 1948. The menu offered: "Tea 3d, Coffee 4d" New Brighton Tower Ballroom Dancing Competitions were a regular feature. Taken in 1948 Blackpool Ballroom. A modern dance competition in 1954. One of the judges is from "Australian News"
An obviously close-fought inter-shop darts match at Cammell Lairds in 1963 Christmas Decorations at a large factory (English Electric?), 1948 Blackpool Tower Ballroom. Yes, that sign really does read "No Bop, No Jive". 1954 Frankie Vaughan at a personal appearance in the "Top Hat" record bar, 1957 Darts match between shops at Cammell Lairds in 1963. Which lucky lad won the set of Pyrex dishes?
"Miss Britain" winner of competition by "Health & Strength" magazine, 1950 Playing chess during a tea break at Cammell Lairds in 1960 Kicking the tyres at a motor auction, somewhere near Liverpool in 1962 A Cammell Laird worker at home with his son building a model boat in 1962 Choir practice in a church hall in 1961. Can anybody put names to these faces?
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An Orphans' Christmas Party with Santa in a dodgy-looking cotton wool beard, 1954 Coronation Street stars at a personal appearance at a Liverpool store in 1961 Fazakerly Cottage Homes Orphans' Christmas Party at English Electric, 1951 Old-timer showing "the lad" how a model boat really should be built, 1959