Hastings and St. Leonards (page 4)

Excursion boats pulled up onto the beach in the area now known as "Bottle Alley". 1880s Saint Clements Church in the Old Town is a favourite backdrop for many scenes in "Foyle's War". 1890s The Promenade and landing beach for pleasure boats, seen from the end of the Pier in the 1890s All Saints Street, Old Town, with posters for "Swan Vestas" and "Borwick's Baking Powder" in the 1920s
The Pier & White Rock Pavilion in the 1930s, showing the Pier structure on the right which has been recently restored after the fire Warrior Square, Saint Leonards, in the 1950s, with coaches lined-up along one side of the Putting Green The Pier in the 1890s as it was originally intended to look, before most of the buildings were added The area on the West Hill where the cafe is now, beside the entrance to the funicular railway, in the 1920s
Carlisle Parade with rows of changing huts, - a later version of the Bathing Machine, in the 1920s The Albert Memorial in pride of place in the centre of town in the 1880s Carlisle Parade with dozens of "Bathing Machines" protecting the bathers' modesty in the 1880s Fishermen mending nets beside the drying huts at the bottom of All Saints Street in the 1890s
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Alexandra Park Boating Lake just after it was laid out in the 1890s. One strange-looking boat is shaped like a swan The Pier and Promenade in the 1880s, before the road was widened and the pavements re-modelled View of the Old Town seafront at the bottom of All Saints Street from the East Hill in the 1880s