Hastings and St. Leonards (page 3)

The Castle and Pelham Crescent in the early 1900s. The road is much wider now of course East Parade at the Old Town end of Hastings seafront in the early 1900s The Albert Memorial in the centre of town in the 1890s. It was said to be "unsafe" and demolished in the 1960s The Pier and part of the Queens Hotel in the 1900s before the Promenade was widened
White Rock Parade in the 1900s, looks very similar today except for the names over the shops Wellington Square in the 1890s before motor vehicles took over the streets All Saints Street in the Old Town. This photo taken in the 1900s could be re-shot now The Bathing Pool in the 1930s. One of the finest in the country, it was demolished with indecent haste.
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The Albert Memorial in the 1900s, showing what an important role it played as the centrepiece of the town The Castle and the Albert Memorial in the centre of town in the 1930s Families strolling along the Promenade in the early 1900s