Hastings and St. Leonards (page 1)

Some images in this section have been reproduced from old photographic prints found in Hastings antique shops

Looking down on the Old Town from the Castle on West Hill in the 1940s The Promenade, crowded beaches and both Piers from above Pelham Crescent in the 1940s St Leonards promenade with "Bottle Alley" underneath the pavement. 1930s Looking across Hastings, with both Piers, seen from the Castle, 1910s Warrior Square and the promenade, St. Leonards seen from the air, 1940s
Pelham Crescent with the obligatory small boy looking into the camera, 1900s Family group out for a "Constitutional" on the Promenade in the 1900s High Seas battering the promenade, as seen from a very shaky Pier in the 1900s All that remained of the Castle by the 1880s after centuries of being used as a quarry. The Model Village in White Rock Gardens was opened in 1955 and destroyed by vandalism in 1988

Nos. 27-33 The Bourne, with "HCIS" (Hastings Cottage Improvement Society) over the door, 1890s St Leonards Promenade seen from the pier in the 1890s St Clements Caves in their original condition in the 1890s The lower end of All Saints Street in the 1930s Showing the scale of the Model Village in 1955. It's impossible to imagine it existing in today's society
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Hastings & St. Leonards seafront seen from Marine Court in the 1930s The East Hill Lift with Net Shops in the 1930s A view of the Old Town from the East Hill in the 1920s High seas near the Queens Hotel before the road was widened,1890s