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A day on New Brighton beach in 1958 Tommy Mann's Miniature Railway, New Brighton, 1951 On Egremont Promenade in the 1900s Outside St Martins Cottages, Liverpool, in 1954 Out on his bike, West Derby Road, Liverpool, 1960
A boy out on an "errand" in St. James Place, Liverpool, in1952 On the New Brighton "Duck" (fresh from war use) in 1946 Queuing for the Ideal Home Exhibition, St. George's Hall, Liverpool, 1958 On the fountain at New Brighton Baths in 1948 On the beach, West Kirby, 1930s
Rest Period on ex-army cots at an Infants' School in 1955 The dreaded examination by the School Dentist in 1956 About to board a ship at Pierhead, Liverpool, in 1960 Awarding National Savings prizes to children in 1953 English Electric Orphans' Christmas party in 1953
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Playing outside the Dock Cottages, Birkenhead, in the 1900s Bill & Ben at a Fancy Dress Parade< in the 1950s/font> A day at the beach, Hastings, in the 1920s On the High Street, Hastings, in the 1890s