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A group of children patients at Arrowe Park Tuberculosis Sanatorium in the 1890s. Sunlight was considered to be part of the treatment Mothers and their children at the Arrowe Park Tuberculosis Clinic in the 1890s. A well-used urn of "Virol" is in the corner Mothers bring their affected children to the Arrowe Park TB Clinic in the 1890s, for a check-up and wheighing Prizegiving at a Liverpool school in 1952. These pupils will now be in their 70s, - can anybody help with identification? Crowds on Egremont Beach in 1949, with the old Egremont Ferry buildings still in place, (later the "Davy Jones Locker" club)
Prizegiving Day at a Liverpool Girls' School in 1952. - Can anyone identify any of these shiny faces, all now in their 70s? Despite the dress, this is a boy showing-off his new cricket bat in the 1880s. Other negatives of the same child show he was a boy Children playing-out on the Woodchurch Estate, newly-built in 1950 for families displaced when parts of Birkenhead were demolished during and after the War Woodchurch Estate, Birkenhead, in 1950. These wide-open spaces and clean air were a huge change for these kids from their town streets A late afternoon at Mockbeggar Bay on the Wirral shore of the Mersey, with Derby Baths in the background, in 1949
A working longboat family on one of the canals near Liverpool in the 1930s A working longboat family on a barge belonging to "Thos. Clayton (Oldbury) Ltd." in the 1930s A scene in the Childrens Ward at Saint Helens Hospital in 1955. The drop-side bed looks to be a very practical design! Stanley Park open-air Swimming Pool at Anfield in 1957. Every child looking slim and fit, - I wonder why that is! Laird Street Council School "Group 6" pupils and teacher, at a Birkenhead school in 1916. The older boys will just miss WW1
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The Science Laboratory of an unidentified girls' school in 1954. No goggles, or other "elfin safety" equipment of course The Maternity Ward at Walton Hospital in 1958, with an "Oxygenaire" incubator being used to treat master Harry Dover (according to the notes) A class at Carr Mill Junior School, Saint Helens, on Friday October 3rd 1952. There's a "Tidy Box" under every chair The Childrens Funfair run by Tommy Mann at New Brighton in 1949, with the miniature railway in the distance