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Children outside the Commercial Inn on Commercial Street, Salcombe, Devon, in 1903 The photographer's family outside the Thurston Tea House in Salcombe, Devon, in 1903 Boys playing beside the Millpond at Llandaff in 1903 A woman with an overdressed child, - probably the late 1880s St. Bede's School Choir, Carlisle, with the pianist accompanying in 1962
Children outside the 'Grapes' on the corner of Stanley Road and Latham Street, Liverpool, in 1952 Mother and children at a Welfare Foods Distribution Centre in T.J. Hughes, Liverpool, 1955 Children at a service by the altar of Liverpool Anglican Cathedral in 1948 A "Witches Hat" in Central Park, Wallasey, 1959. They made them tough in those days! A peaceful stroll with the pram through Vale Park, Wallasey, in 1948
This child on a Rocking-horse is probably a boy, from the 1880s Children in the back yard showing off the new toy car in the 1910s An Orphans' Christmas Party with a very scary Santa complete with cotton-wool beard, 1954 Boys playing beside the lake in Birkenhead Park, 1950 New Brighton Tower Ballroom and a crowd at the Funfair in 1949
A boy "helping" dad to build a model boat in 1959 Batting practice in the Gym, with a keen audience shouting advice in 1962 Stanley Park open-air baths, Anfield, Liverpool, in 1957 Playing on the beach in the 1930s Boys testing the ice on the lake in Birkenhead Park in the usual way! 1930s
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Autograph hunters meeting stars of Coronation Street in 1961 At a display of Hornby Dublo trains in 1954 At a display of Hornby Dublo trains in 1954 Families on New Brighton Beach, with the Funfair and Tower Ballroom, 1949