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The annual May Queen Parade on Mill Lane, Liverpool, had been restored after the War. This is 1948 Barbara and Ben Lyons from the "Lyons Family", a popular "Wireless" comedy. A Personal Appearance at a Liverpool store, 1956 Princess Alexandra inspecting Cadets from the training ship "Deva" in 1962. A young lad is enthusiastically waving his Union Flag Princess Alexandra inspecting Cadets from the training ship "Conway" in 1962, the year of her marriage Awarding National Savings prizes in 1953. The prizes were a way of encouraging saving in the young, - all those sixpences added up!
A hotly-contested three-legged race at a firm's Sports Day in 1954. There were a few bruised ankles afterwards The Three Beverley Sisters: Joy, Teddy and Babs, at a personal appearance in a music store, 1957 Bessie Braddock, the Liverpool Labour politician, at a W.R.A.C. recruitment stand in 1960 Donors giving blood at a Blood Transfusion Service drive in a firm's Sick-bay in 1959 Recruiting for the Royal Army Nursing Corps. at a Careers Fair in Liverpool, in 1958
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An overloaded crane collapses with a Vulcan Locomotive in 1958. This negative was with some Australian ones, can anyone explain? Lord Mountbatten arriving by helicopter to a launching at Cammell Lairds in 1962 The identity of the other man is not know yet Indian guests at a Reception at the launch of "Mysore" C60 at Cammell Lairds in 1957 A Fancy Dress Parade at a firm's Sports Day. The new "Ernie" Premium Bond is a feature of one costume, 1956