Events (page 2)

Crowds watching the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race on the Thames in the 1890s A church procession through Saint Austells, Cornwall, in the 1900s A farm equipment and commercial vehicle show on the Wirral in 1962 A Mayor with a crowd at an event. The bus is to "Shaw and Wren's Nest", in 1948 Celebrations for the Coronation of Edward Vll in 1902
Presenting a Humane Society Certificate to the crew of the tug "Bangarth" in 1961 Crowd at the launch of "Talwar" at Cammell Lairds in 1958 Contestants at the "Miss New Brighton" beauty contest in 1947 More contestants at the "Miss New Brighton" beauty contest in 1947 Children by the altar of Liverpool Anglican Cathedral in 1948
A Royal British Legion march, somewhere in Liverpool in 1955 Frankie Vaughan at the opening of a Liverpool coffee bar in 1957 The Queen Mother launching "Windsor Castle" at Cammell Lairds in 1959 Liverpool's Bessie Braddock fusses over the boxer Dick Tiger in 1958 Santa Claus scares the kids at an Orphans' Christmas Party in 1954
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A collapsed new building in Liverpool City Centre in 1963 Stars of "Coronation Street" at a public appearance in 1961 Fancy Dress Parade with Bill & Ben the Flowerpot Men in the 1950s Laying a Foundation Stone near Liverpool in 1952. Clues anyone?