Cammell Lairds (page 5)

Cammell Lairds cricket team showing-off their haul of cups and shields in 1962. Can anyone give us some names? Work on the upper decks of "Windsor Castle" are well under way in 1957 Checking the strengths of chains and links in 1956 Splicing a thick steel hawser in 1957 An "Inspection" team at the yard in 1961, looking like something out of a Monty Python sketch!
Snooker tables at the Sports & Social Club, with frequent inter-shop tournaments Is this a Whist Drive at the Social Club, or maybe a bridge Tournament? in 1957 Manoeuvring a large fender into position in the dock in 1963. Used tractor tyres were perfect for the job Laying the first plates of a keel in 1959 The ship is not identified on the negative, so can anyone help? Tamping down explosive charges to excavate the new dock in 1959
Marking-out thick steel discs prior to cutting out large pipe flanges in 1962 A general aerial view of the Yards from the west. With details of the tunnel entrance and the old Market Hall, in 1962 A retirement portrait of Mr. Blackburn, of Cammell Lairds Workers Welfare Committee, at his desk in 1950 A retirement clock presented outside the Ship Electric Shop in 1960. Few of the lads here reached retirement age at the Yard Arial shot of the Yard from above Tranmere, with "Argentina Star", R24, "City of Lisle" and others in 1956
Inside a funnel, to guide the cowl into its correct position, in 1960 Producing an eye-splice in a light steel hawser, 1957 Climbing a tall mast on an open ladder really was as dangerous as it looks! 1957 The bare skeleton of a ship under construction before the plates went on, in 1957 Fitting the bottom plates, already carefully rolled into shape to fit the curvature of the vessel, 1957
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Painting "San Fernando" in the dry dock after repairs 1957 Lord Mountbatten arriving at the Yard by helicopter for a launching in 1962