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The long climb to reach the control room on the 100 ton crane in 1961. Men would spend the whole working day up there to save their legs The huge crowd at the launch of "Talwar" in 1958. Workers on the next vessel have got the best view of the proceedings Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother launching "Windsor Castle" in 1959. Once again, the lads have found a good spot to see the show! Painting the hull of a ship in dry-dock in 1948. The anchor chain is getting under their feet, though that's the least of their safety concerns! Does anyone know what this process is called? - They appear to be adding strands to a thin rope to produce a much thicker one. 1962
Testing chains, surrounded by piles of different sizes and types of chain. 1956 Inspecting the wall of a Dock from an improvised platform suspended by a crane. Unconventional, but very effective, - and dangerous Laying the bottom plates of a large ship in 1957. Any information would be welcomed, even the identity of the vessel Using a gas burner to anneal a large steel plate, in order to make it more ductile and easier to bend into shape. 1960 Presenting the winner's shield of the Engine Shops Darts League in 1963. That lad's Mam will be pleased by the Pyrex bowl!
Cammell Laird Sports Club bowling team showing off their trophies at the Social Club in 1961. Anyone recognise their dads or grandads? Crowd at a launching in 1957 seen from a high vantage point, - maybe the 100 ton crane? The tug "Stormcock" helping to take out the experimental oil platform "Triton" in 1963 "Windsor Castle" either coming in or going out in 1960. It's hard to tell which, - let us know if you are sure one way or the other Launch of the submarine S05 "Finwhale" in 1960. A young lad in front is standing at attention in a way you could never get him to do now!
Trainees or apprentices learning how to bend pipes to fit a template drawn on the floor, in 1958 Excavating the new dock where Grayson Rollo yards had been, close to Woodside Station, in 1959. Clearing away debris from outside the dock gates during a very low tide in 1962, using a large bucket on a crane Working on the deck of a large ship in 1948. Can anyone identify the ship? Painting over a patch repair on "San Fernando" in 1957
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The Cammell Lairds Sports Club Judo group at the Social Club in 1963. It would be good to put some names to these faces The Launch of "Doris" in 1954 Launch of submarine S19 "Opossum" in 1963